Teddy Bridgewater Jersey Election 2008 and Beyond: Mobilization, Change, and Political and Civic Engagement

Election 2008 and Beyond

The Mobilization, Change, and Political and Civic Engagement Project investigates if and how the heightened political environment surrounding the 2008 presidential election will impact the political attitudes and behaviors of individuals in the United States. The research project uses a mixed methodological approach to examine a range of topics, including patterns of civic and political participation and mobilization evident in the populace, how individuals envision change and their role in producing change in the political process, their ideas about the government and feelings of political alienation, and how individual attitudes about race and gender have been influenced by a campaign season dominated by stories about the race and gender of three candidates in particular, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Sarah Palin. Our goal is to produce research that will be instructive for those attempting to mobilize communities as well as those in the academy.

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